Cape Breton Oatcakes & A Story of Migration

Cape Breton Oatcakes

In collaboration with Lebara. 'The Scots', observed G. Bisset-Smith in 1907, 'are a notoriously migratory people'. In the 19th century nearly three quarters of emigrant Scots (nearly 900,000 souls) crossed the Atlantic hoping for a better life in the Americas. Until 1847 more Scots went to Canada than anywhere else. My family history involves quite a bit of travel back and forth across the big pond. Some years ago I went through a ...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bars by Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bars

Because sometimes you just have to. I detest food waste. I really do. Back in February this year I made my husband a batch of experimental brownies as a welcome home treat after his adventures in India. The brownies were awful - truly awful. I'd put far too much cocoa powder in it, skewing ...

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DIY Super Mario Birthday Party Invitation {Full Tutorial}

DIY Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Invitation {A Step-by-Step Tutorial}

Impress your guests before they even get to the party with these DIY invitations! I never had a birthday party growing up. I don't know if birthday parties just weren't the done thing in Canada back in the late 80's/early 90's, but I never attended any of my classmates' parties either, not that I was even aware of them having any. Don't get me wrong, there was always a birthday cake and a ...

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Mid Field Summit, Shetland

The Simmer Dim Camping Story

Simmer Dim - Shetlandic for 'summer twilight' Sometimes I have good ideas. Sometimes I don't. I'm not sure where on the spectrum of good-bad ideas this camping trip idea lies - somewhere in between, perhaps? ...

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Burra Smugglers Cave

Spelunking in Burra, Shetland

Spelunking: the exploration of caves, especially as a hobby There are approximately 1679 miles of indented coastline in Shetland punctuated by the regular appearance of caves, most only accessible by sea, if they are accessible at all. The cave at the far end of St. Ninian's tombolo is one of ...

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Largs, Scotland

Spring Break on the West Coast of Scotland

Road trip! Caravans, vikings and a food festival! Living on a remote island archipelago, travelling to the mainland is not something we do very often. Travel costs to get off the island, especially for our whole family, tend to be rather on the dear extortionate side, so we tend to spend our ...

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