Fabric 14″ Coraline Doll Pattern (Free!)

coraline doll 2

My mother was a doll maker when I was a little girl growing up in rural east-coast Canada. I used to watch her embroider faces, sew body parts together and stuff them with fascination. I’d grab any scraps that used to fall off the ironing board and I would sew clothes for my own dolls. As I got older I helped her make a few dolls for her business, all made with fabric and stuffing. Through observation I learned a few doll making tips and techniques along the way.

Over the years I’ve made a few dolls for my own daughter, but this one, I have to say, is the best. I designed this Coraline doll for my daughter’s 7th birthday to accompany a Coraline themed birthday cake and Oreo Button cookies. She was absolutely thrilled with them both. The doll itself is made from recycled or second-hand materials from our local charity shop. Our local charity shop is a treasure trove. It’s almost spooky how I can think about something I need and it will appear in the shop sometime over the next week or two. For example, both the blue wool and the yellow vinyl fabric (2 metres of it!) came from the charity shop when I headed there deliberately looking for it. Cost? A mere £2.50. That’s all I paid to make this doll.

coraline face closeup

The rest of the materials were scavenged from around the house. The pink top is my daughter’s toddler dress with a hole in it; the trousers are my youngest’s jeans, long since outgrown and with tatty ripped legs. The flesh coloured fabric has been in my fabric bag for years, scraps of things made long ago. The beads were given to me by a fellow crafting friend (thank you Julia!) and the threads always appear in my Christmas stocking every year. Even the doll filling came from the charity shop, a £1 bag I bought about 5 years ago which is still mostly full! The dowel rod was left over from some project of my partner’s and the pattern is 100% out of my head. It took a few practise goes with scrap fabric and some tweaking and it’s still not perfect, but it’s not a bad attempt, I don’t think!

coraline doll 1
This end of this month sees the second blogaversary of Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary, and my goodness what changes there have been over the last two years. What started as a private online storage place for recipes and photos has evolved a life of its very own! I never would have thought I would end up with having regular readers of my own, thank you all you lovely folk, for your supporting comments and words of encouragement. I have met so many wonderful people over the last two years through the blogging medium, people whom I likely never would have crossed paths with otherwise. You are all fantastic!
So, as a blogaversary gift for you all I transcribed the scraps of pattern I designed into pdf form for you to download for free!
coraline collage 1
coraline collage 2
coraline collage 3
coraline collage 4
Click on the links above to download the pattern pdfs. The preview link on Google Docs doesn’t show the colours as well as it could, but it downloads fine. Each sheet is A4 in size and should print off in the correct pattern size. The graph paper the pattern is drawn on is 0.5 mm squares. If you are having trouble printing off the pdf’s send me an email through the Contact Me form (above, right) or leave a comment below.
Happy Sewing! x

coraline party collage

Coraline Birthday Cake
Oreo Button Cookies


Coraline doll

Made by a Shetland reader for her grand daughter

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  1. says

    thank you so much for the awesome pattern. i run programs for adults with disabilities and had someone ask to make a Coraline doll. Your pattern saved me so much time! Thank you!!

  2. says

    Im having a go at this
    My girl loves coraline n i was trying to get the doll but its priced at silly highs over £100
    Thank u so much for this guide

    • says

      I’d love to see a photo when you’ve finished! Good luck with the sewing and if there are any instructions needing to be clearer, just let me know! It was my first doll pattern. :)

      • says

        Still not conplete as waiting on vinyl yellow fabric as that was the one thing i didnt have mite add more hair hence not cut it yet
        But as a person who last sewed over 20 yrs ago and that too basic stuff thats saying ur intructions were great to follow
        The only thing i had a problem on was the top of head part for the life of mw cudnt figure it out still its worked without it


        Lol and i made 2 threw myself into the deep end
        My stitching can be debated lol but hope my lil girl and neice will love it as they love coraline

        • says

          Awesome! 😀 Thank you for sharing a photo, I love it! Coraline twins, haha! 😀 That head piece goes in between the front and back, but like you said – it works without too. Love the pink fabric you’ve used for the top – looks so cosy!

          • says

            I didnt have any stripey so used outgrown joggers of kids and glad i used stretchy material makes it much easier getting it on
            I wont lie it was hell turning stuff inside out ie arms legs but altho it’s nowhere near as good as urs im quite pleased with myself lol

            Btw i still dont get where that puece goes i got friends to help but was none the wiser im not experienced lol

  3. David Badolato says

    I was wondering if you make and sell the Coraline doll ? it looks awesome and my daughters name is Coraline I would love to get her this doll but I do no sew …. at all ! so please let me know if you can make one and what the cost would be. My email is Dbadolato55@gmail.com thank you ..

  4. says

    I am unable to print the shirt, jeans, boot and raincoat patterns. My printer says it cannot convert the postscript file. I was able to print the doll pattern so I can get started on that. Any way you could perhaps mail me the files so I can make the clothes. I am in the US and need the doll for a Halloween costume for my granddaughter.

    Thanks, Pat
    Pat recently posted…The August 2014 Shop Local Round UpMy Profile

  5. Paula says

    Is there any way you could make me one and sell me it please my baby loves it and I can’t sew to save my life x

  6. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been searching and searching for a doll pattern that I can adapt to a character my daughter loves called “Megamort” from an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is obsessed with him and I want to give it to her for Christmas. This is the first pattern I have found online that I think I can attempt to make look like him :) I have never sewn a doll before, but since she is only two I hope she is happy with it however it turns out. Any advice you might have for how I could make the face shape look like his…here is a link for what he looks like…
    If you don’t have time to respond I totally understand, but thank you again for sharing this!

    • says

      Apologies for the delay in replying! I missed your comment :( Did you ever make the doll? MegaMort looks like a tricky headshape, that’s for sure! I’d love to see the final product if you did attempt it :)

    • says

      Oh bother! I’ve changed the GoogleDocs settings to public so it should work now. I wonder why it didn’t open when I had the settings to link only….. can you let me know if it works for you now?

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