Upcycled Sweater: Cat Bed


I’d like to say that this is my idea, but it’s not. I saw a photo on Facebook suggesting that unwanted sweaters could be made into pet beds and I immediately thought of the ugliest purple 1980s sweater I’d picked up for £2 in the charity shop several months ago. I didn’t buy it to wear – it had 9 lovely great big purple buttons on it, and £2 for 9 large purple buttons is a bargain, in my mind. Buttons are expensive if you buy them new!

cat-bed-tutorialSo this hideous purple jumper has been languishing in my fabric scrap bag for months and months along with some old chair covers that our cat, Izzy, ripped to shreds when she was just a kitten. I can’t throw anything away, honestly, not when I think that it might get repurposed/upcycled sometime down the road.

Izzy, our darling cat, came to us at the tender age of three weeks old as a feral Cat’s Protection rescue. She was destined, along with her two brothers and sister, to be drowned unless the Cat’s Protection collected them immediately. They did and I ended up with all four of them. They were so adorable – their eyes were still blue and they had to be fed milk every few hours out of a little syringe. When feeding their little ears would wiggle. Aaah, fond memories. Three out of the four cats were rehomed as they got older, and we kept Izzy (short for Isadora). You’d never know she was feral as she’s such a housecat, preferring to lounge away indoors all day.

Shop bought cat beds are expensive too. We’ve talked about getting one but there always seemed to be something more important to spend the pennies on. When I saw the Facebook picture I knew what I needed to do with that hideous jumper and I set to work.

Photo from Facebook

Time: 2 hours, including cutting up scraps for stuffing
Sewing ability: minimal!
1 unwanted sweater
2 terry towels or unused dishtowels or bathtowels
scraps or cotton for stuffing

Cut your stuffing fabric into small pieces.
Fold towels so that they are nearly the size you want the base of your pet bed.
Layer with scrap stuffing if required.
Baste the layers together in a rough oval shape.
Turn over the edges towards the inside of the circle and loosely sew in place.
Place inside the body of the jumper.
Sew in place using some thick wool.
Stuff the arms and neck area with scraps or cotton.
Arrange in a circular shape around the base area.
Using a thread and needle, sew into place. If you use a matching thread you don’t have to worry about how perfect your stitches are.
Embellish as desired!

Update (December 2013):  The cat bed is still going strong and Izzy still loves it very, very much. Her bed used to sit on top of the tumble drier but we revamped the pantry with some new shelves this year and we relocated her to the top shelf, away from the pesky children. Of course, she needs steps to get up there (she’s not Super Cat!) so my partner fixed some onto the wall. Another idea for you cat lovers, perhaps? :)


I see I am getting quite a lot of traffic to this humble blog post of mine, and I truly thank you for visiting. I’d love to hear where you are visiting from – if you have the time do drop me a comment and let me know!

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Much love! xx


  1. Debbie Skerten says

    I love this idea. We have four cats and believe it or not, I have the same sweater that I don’t wear anymore. I’m going to try this. thanks x

  2. Megan says

    My husband saw your “Purr-fect Homemade Cat Bed” in Mother Earth News. He knew that I would naturally fall in love with the idea. Now that the days are getting cooler in Arkansas, I went straight to your blog to get a better idea of how you did it. Now I have to make one and share the idea with my cat-lover daughter who lives in Utah. Thank you!

  3. says

    What a great idea! I found your tutorial from this link:
    where I found THAT link was from:
    and that link was found:
    from this original link:
    http://paperpulse.blogspot.ca/2014/04/studio-v3-standard-and-advance-cutting.html which had the aforementioned (Paperboutiquewithlinda…..) blog as part of her blog list!

    So 5 links later I found your really cute tutorial and just wanted to make a comment. I think I might do something like this for our DOGS (they are small)…and share your link with the animal rescue group from where I got our dog, Harry, a Maltese/Chihuahua.

    Waving from Peoria, Arizona!!!
    Jann recently posted…Laundry TimeMy Profile


    I often buy things in thrift shops for the buttons so this is a great idea! We had a Siamese (or rather he had us) who used to eat his way through old sweaters put in his basket. The noise was like fingernails down a blackboard. Cringe!

  5. Tracy Nixon says

    What a clever idea! Might make one for our chihuahua pup and she feels the cold in Winter. I think the shop bought beds are often overpriced too, especially when they are just like a cushion!

  6. Robyn says

    From South Burnett, Queensland, Australia, where we already have had 0.4*C temp as we come in to winter.
    Cats Frankie, an old lady, cannot jump up anymore to the top of the cupboard, so needs a floor bed and Shadow, the mystery big boy, in his outside cave loves a warm bed and is reluctant to get out of bed these cool mornings! Both beds are red from old polar fleece jumpers. Hope they like them!

  7. Catherine Paciotti says

    I just made my Dotty’s cat bed today. It only took a couple of hours, but I had really been thinking it out for a few weeks. I found the sweater I wanted, a soft wool, at a thrift store and my friend in Oregon has an alpaca farm, so yesterday I got a box full of clean and fluffy alpaca fleece (!!!). This bed just turned out so well. I’m waiting for Dotty to try it out. She’s sniffed it and stepped into it, but she hasn’t gotten any further than that. She’s likes the alpaca smell–which isn’t smelly at all, but probably is to a cat–she’s been playing in the box it came in the whole time I was making this. I’ve got it sitting in the sun warming up right now. It’s very very very very cold here.


  8. Anonymous says

    great idea; however, would be to small for my two dogs. have miniature English bulldogs. we are in Central Vermont and my friend posted this link on facebook for me to see.

  9. says

    Hello, from Tacoma, Washington. I found a link to this post on Facebook, posted by a page that I liked.
    Great idea. I’m not much into crafts or sewing, but it seems simple enough. Maybe I might try it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. says

    Wonderful idea – I am a compulsive fabric hoarder so will be visiting your blog regularly for ideas! Thank you – my cats will be getting their comfy new cat bed soon!

  11. says

    Hello from Fethiye Turkey. Found you on Facebook when someone else posted the cat bed idea. Brilliant. I have a jumper in the cupboard too hideous to even wear in the house. Pobby is about to get his own bed instead of using mine. :)

  12. Anonymous says

    Greetings from Northern Alberta, Canada. Great idea for all those sweaters that don’t work anymore but just can’t be thrown out.

  13. says

    Visiting from Salem, Virginia – love this and will use it to make beds for my 12 lb. pup – plural because she eviscerates everything. :)

  14. says

    Thanks so much for this idea! I help run a small dog rescue/shelter in Woodward, Oklahoma, USA and we are going to be making these for each of our wonderful dogs. So happy to provide them their own little bed. You are wonderfully clever!

  15. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the great idea! I just pulled an ugly sweatshirt out of the dryer that my husband wore yesterday (that his belly sticks out the bottom of). Too bad he won’t be able to find it anymore. And our rescue cat Cubby will love it. New Years’ Greetings from Northern Wisconsin.

  16. says

    How fun! I made a similar looking cat bed from a scrap of faux fur, but it took quite a bit of work making it from scratch. If I need to make another cat bed, I’m going to do it this way. That’s great! Redmond, WA, USA

  17. Anonymous says

    Love this. Was going to a flea market to find a used bed today …. no need now. I can do this. Thanks from Petrolia, Ontario Canada. – vacationing in Lakeland, Florida who got this from a friend from Fitchburg, Massachusetts . It’s a SMALL world after all. :-) – Penny

  18. Anonymous says

    I too love this! We don’t even have a cat but it looks like a great idea 😀 I think I will attempt this as a gift for my cat loving friend 😀 All the way from Manitoba CANADA 😀

  19. says

    Fun idea! A little too much setting and time involved for me, I think, but what I think I can do is cover an existing pet bed this way! Covers could be changed with seasons and makes it easier to keep pet beds clean…love it! Daria in Dallas TX.

  20. Darlene says

    Great idea for all my old sweaters and sweat shirts for our cat and dogs!! Thanks for sharing. Texas only needs winter clothes for about a month maybe 2 lol… Like the steps as well.

  21. Anonymous says

    I love this, I have some old sweaters I can’t wear anymore and all of my cats usually want the same bed, this way I can make more than one and they can all have their own!! I think maybe cutting an old pillow in half and putting in for the stuffing would be a good idea too or if it is a really big sweater for a large cat just use the whole pillow! I had thought about using my old pillows for beds but hadn’t thought about how I would make them, now I know!! Thanks!!!

  22. says

    Thank you for sharing what you found, and adding instructions! My mother, 82 years young, received a small dog for her Christmas present this year. It took some looking, but once she decided that was what she wanted she found the perfect pup. Ellie Mae will love a sweater bed, as soon as I get it made. Thanks again, from Alaska.

  23. Anonymous says

    Hi, my daughter has two cats, seven dogs, all of them love my couch. I will be making a gigantic pillow for them, and put it on the couch. I’ll be looking for the largest shirt I can find. Maybe get two and put them together. I’m from beautiful victorian historical town of Carthage Missouri.

  24. Anonymous says

    I’m from the Shenendoah Valley in Virginia…My kitties will love these..(practice ones) and then as others suggested donate to animal shelters Thank you Elizabeth..I will be watching your blog…Carol

  25. Anonymous says

    I love this!! I have an old tye-dyed sweatshirt that my cat absolutely loves to sleep on, so I’m going to ask a friend to make this using that sweatshirt. We are in Michigan, and a friend posted the link to this post on Facebook.

  26. says

    Love it. cant wait to make one. bought a bed for my cats a few years ago and the only one who used it was my sisters dog. but i noticed that my cats love to lay on my cloths. if a sweatshirt dosent get on the hamper or hung up right away or i put cloths out on my bed before i take a shower i usually comeback to a cat shedding on it. so i thought this would work perfectly. and my comforter that im replacing soon will be the perfect filler for it.

  27. Anonymous says

    We have a 18 year old cat who will love a fleece version of this fabu idea! Our house bunny will also love to sit on & try to shred one of these. But because it’s inexpensive & a project for my daughter, a GS Cadette, to do for her, it will be awesome! Thanks from frigid & snowy Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi I am pat travis. live in Nebraska. I have two cats. that is a lovely idea. my cats love sleeping in a card board box. or an old shoe box. cats names are rascal and bonnie. saw this on face book.

  29. says

    Found your sweater/cat bed upcycle through FB. Love the idea. Too bad I no longer have a cat, but it is such a great idea I pinned it on Pinterest and may use it for a gift for a friend. And if/when I get another cat, it will certainly have a wonderful upcycled bed!

  30. Anonymous says

    Brilliant! I too work with Animal Shelters and Rescues and this idea would be perfect. Some well placed Velcro would let us wash them for the shelter……..an added bonus. Thanks from Sally in South Carolina

  31. says

    Love this idea, thank you so much for sharing – I’m in South Dakota with 4 cats and this would be an inexpensive way to get them each a bed I’m sure they will like.

  32. says

    A friend shared on FB. I have two big guys in my family that wear size 3XLT. I’m going to make a bed for our pup today and use this as a project for donations to our local animal shelter. Big pups love to snuggle too.

  33. Anonymous says

    What a fantastic idea, love it! Yesterday I had our local animal shelter come and collect all my unwanted clothing, books, soft toys etc … oops, looks like I’ll now be going back to their charity shop to buy a suitable chunky jumper! Can’t wait to give this project a try.
    No doubt I’ll be donating it to the cat rescue when finished. He he.
    From Lancaster, UK. XX

  34. Anonymous says

    Fabulous! Looks like kitty is getting a big hug :) If I hadn’t made a bed for my cat just a few weeks ago I would be making this tomorrow. My sis in Alberta just got a kitten so I’ll send here the link. Thanks for sharing.
    Liz in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  35. Anonymous says

    Super idea! I’m thinking my 13 year old granddaughter can do it as she sews all the time. Thanks for posting the instructions. (I live in a tiny town in Pennsylvania, USA)

  36. Anonymous says

    Love this Idea, Although I think I will make this for my Chihuahua, She is smaller than my Cat and always cold Thank You, From Salina Kansas.

  37. Monica Mullins says

    Thank you for the lovely ideas and I am from west virginia is in the United states. Blessings to you from the Lord.

  38. says

    Great project. I don’t have a cat but I have several ugly sweaters and friends with cats. I could even donate them to the pet shelter. A can do project. Hello from Indiana, USA.

  39. says

    Wonderful warm’n fuzzy project. My cousin shared this on Facebook. I’ve been wanting to create something for the console of our car for the comfort of my chihuahua (and to get him off my lap once in a while) and this is givin’ me some good ideas. Cheers! from central Pennsylvania – land of buggies, bicycles, and family farms 😉

  40. TraciC says

    Fabulous idea for our two poodles! Will try to find two semi matching x-large ones to combine and make one for the bloodhound too! Thank you for sharing! From Leavenworth, Kansas, USA

  41. says

    I’m from Pensacola, Florida and absolutely love your borrowed idea. I might find time to do the same. I’m also grateful for the idea of shopping for buttons. It never occurred to me. Thank you!

  42. says

    My husband and I have an animal rescue and have a couple of dogs here who just love to destroy the pet beds, this is such a great idea, I’m gonna make them new beds after I hit the Thrift Store and when it gets warmer, yard sales! Thanks from Central Texas.

  43. Michelle says

    Hello from Oklahoma, USA! I think these are a fabulous craft and would be wonderful to donate some of these to a pet shelter!

  44. says

    I love this idea and will definitely try it, but probably with fleece or hoodies. I have been crocheting extra stuff onto sweaters to make them ‘ugly Christmas sweaters’. So all the sweaters I have are either being worn or part of a project already.
    I have bought pillow shams as bed covers and simply put an old bed pillow in it for the dogs – if I find ones with shiny fabric they hold up pretty well and don’t collect too much fur – great for summer months. I toss an old fleece blanket scrap on top during winter months for extra warmth. Both our dogs are part chihuahua and rather small. The three cats sleep all over, on a folded spare blanket, pile of ‘out of season’ clothing, one prefers to sleep in a cardboard box.
    A friend shared a link to this on fb, I am in Oklahoma with just a dusting of snow today (up to an inch I think but nothing compared to North and East of us)

  45. says

    Thank you so much for this post. My daughter has been wanting to make beds for her 2 cats & our old dog. I think we can modify this by using two sweaters for the dog bed. Oh…we are from a small town in East Texas.

  46. Anonymous says

    If your cat climbing platforms were actually boxed in the cat would traverse the tops and the interior of the box could hold books or knick-knacks or…size dependent on what you wanted to hold. Most cats love being up to survey their domain so I loved the book The Cats House, website: http://www.thecatshouse.com

  47. Anonymous says

    Brilliant! I have a couple of feral kittens living under my porch. They currently curl up on an old sleeping bag I tossed under there. But now that I’ve seen this, I have a great idea for all those old sofa pillows and ancient sweaters! I also have 2 inside cats who refuse to stay off of the furniture. Perhaps if they had their own comfy, squishy beds………… Hmm, thank you! Oh, by the way, you asked where I’m from. Cedar City, Utah, USA

  48. Anonymous says

    Shared this with my fur-loving friends on FB. Going to try for my feral cat that I rescued 4 years ago in Bath, NY.

  49. says

    What a great idea! No old sweater (I live in Texas) but I am sure I can find one in a re-sale shop.
    I have two lovely babies that I will make this for. However, I believe they will prefer my fabric in my quilt studio. I will try. Thanks so much. Mary in Texas

  50. says

    This is a fantastic idea! I have 5 small dog freebies and
    2 LOL cats. All of them would love a sweater bed
    Plus I could clean out all my closets. Thank you for
    sharing this idea and Happy New Year! This is Angle from
    Georgia USA. :-)

  51. says

    What a grand idea – I have mega old sweaters, i guess now I know why i was saving. Thanks so much for the idea – i am from Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

  52. Anonymous says

    Great idea…saw this on Facebook, posted by a community college teacher from Chico in northern California, where I lived until this past November 9th. Now, I’m living in Fort Worth, Texas to be near our oldest children. Thanks for showing a great project!

  53. Anonymous says

    You are so right about the cost of buttons! I don’t currently have any jumpers that I have no use for, but there are THREE local thrift shops in my little northeastern Texas town. And, I have three cats. I don’t think that’s really a coincidence, you? Since my babies love my bed, I know where their new beds will be located (at least during the day when Daddy isn’t in the bed! LOL)

  54. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the idea. I have pets and clothes that I no longer wear. In today’s economy I am always looking for ways to save money. I will definitely give this project a go! Wilma Riddell from Norfolk, Virginia.

  55. Anonymous says

    I have lots of sweatshirts that really aren’t good enough to wear but are “too good to throw away.” I don’t have any pets but I think I could find people who do. What a great way to reuse something! Thanks for the idea.

  56. Anonymous says

    This would be a great idea for an organization like the Girl Scouts to take on. It’s easy and they can donate the finished project to their local animal shelter. Also, the stuffing could be taken out of an old used pillow…Schenectady NY

  57. Anonymous says

    It sounds s easy and I loved the idea of he moo-moo. Have and friend with an older lab that need one. I’m from Nebraska USA. Thanks for posting.

  58. Tammy says

    Hi, just saw your post on someone else’s timeline and I think it is a wonderful idea. I have an older cat, Cricket, 11 and a rescue, brought to me as a 2 week old orphan that had to be bottle fed. We will be getting a third tomorrow since her owner is being moved to assisted living and they don’t allow pets. These sweater beds might help them all adjust and help them find their own space…thank you. Tammy from Murphy, Texas.

  59. Anonymous says

    Awesome idea! Gonna make a few for my pit and 2 cats. Think I’ll use old sweatshirts turned inside out since my animals all prefer to lay on top of them only when left turned inside out. Reading this from Mchenry, Illinois. Happy new year to you all!

  60. Anonymous says

    Wow, I just spent $30 buying a bed for my dog, and my cats wont get out of it long enough to let her get in! This sounds like something they would really love! BTW I am from Bradenton Florida.


  61. littleknitter says

    Hi we just got a lab pup , i’m going to get two sweaters and join bodys and arms to make a larger bed , cool idea x

  62. Carol says

    A big hello from Blind River Ontario Canada… such a fantastic idea for my lil dogs they will love it.My daughter sent it to me on facebook.

  63. says

    That is adorable! My cat likes to sleep on my bed, but my dog likes her dog bed and that size would do fine for her my try it! P.S. I’m from Georgia.

  64. says

    Hello from Kopperl, Texas………..I found this sweater bed on Pintrest one day so I found me a sweater at a yard sale for 25 cents and made one for my little chihauhaua’s they love it …and I am planning on making more to donate to an animal shelter ..or to someone that does animal rescues ….I know they would apperciate them ….

  65. Anonymous says

    Just thought of something else! You could include a packet of cat nip in the bed, and the kitties would be attracted to the bed!

  66. Anonymous says

    I love this idea. What a neat way to get rid of all those old sweaters. I think I will start making them for the Animal Welfare shelter kitties and doggies! I live in Springfield, Ohio. I used to volunteer at their thrift shop and we always have tons of sweaters and sweatshirts that no one would buy or wear! Maybe we could start a sewing group amongst the volunteers, and produce lots of them for the shelter!

  67. Anonymous says

    Enjoying your blog from the state of North Carolina in the United States. Love your ideas. Wondering how the steampunk chest (LOVE IT!!!) has held up to a busy 3 year-old.

    • says

      Thank you! The steampunk chest lasted about five months before DS decided he was going to use it as a potty and he pee’d in it! We ended up chucking it on a bonfire we had in August after a severe rain and thunder storm. We roasted marshmallows over it. A fitting end, I think!

  68. says

    Wonderful idea! I have a house full of kitties that would love their own beds but store bought beds can be expensive. Pretty much no other need for sweaters in Georgia so far this winter! Haha

  69. jessie d says

    This is perfect for my lil Chihuahua/ pom babies! The local thrift shop sells their clothes for $1 a garbage bag, this will literally cost pennies! Thanks from northern Maine, USA!! :)

  70. Cindy Betts says

    I love this idea! My cat isn’t much of cuddler though. I do think I’ll try it one day soon and see how he takes to it. :0) I saw this posted on a friend’s Facebook wall and getting ready to share it to my own. I live in a small town in southeast Missouri, USA. Thank you for sharing!

  71. says

    Great idea, my sis sent me your link, I have a Chau-Weenie dog that gets cold easy and likes to burrow. This project is ideal for her, I could attach a small blanket on it for her cover. Thanks again for sharing your practical use for renewing an old sweater/sweat shirt.

  72. says

    I am extremely excited to get started on one for my two bigger dogs .. pit mix & great dane .. oh yes .. u say your not sure just how to make one for the larger breeds well guess what … im making one out of this horrible “moomoo” pajama dress my mother gave to me with the instructions to “bring it back.” lol well i will be bringin it back as a lovely pet bed .. that im sure the dogs will love .. so all you large breed owners theres an idea !

  73. says

    I wanted to buy pet beds for my dog and cat for Christmas, but didn’t get around to it. I know I have several sweaters packed away that wold be perfect for this project. Thanks and “hello” from Arkansas, USA.

  74. Veronica says

    I love how you said minimal sewing skills required! I can sew a button back on but that’s about it! Our dog just tore his new (store bought) bed to shreds but he loves to lay on a hoody that’s been tossed into the garage. Gonna have to try this out…with my minimal sewing skills, that is!!! Thanks for the great idea! Happy holidays…and greetings from California!! :-)

  75. Martha Lofton says

    this is a great idea. and yes those in the stores are very pricey. I thought about making a house for my adult cat. I already made a cat scratching post. I have recovered it 4 times already . she loves it. my husband put the idea of making her a house. like a dog house but has carpet on the floor and around the house for clawing and climbing. this will be in the summer time making . I do have a sweater I don’t like will keep you idea in mind. thanks.

    • says

      I believe that the owner of the cats was going to drown them if animal control didn’t get them. I was once involved with a shelter and there are some horror stories about the ways people try to get rid of their unwanted animals.

    • says

      Meghan is right – they were feral kittens and the property owners were going to drown them unless the Cats Protection came and collected them. A terrible thing to do, I think!

    • Dawn says

      Isn’t that horrible! Some jerk here in Missouri just drowned his girlfriend’s cat in front of children no less and got away with it as he was acting as the owner’s agent (i.e. had permission from the girlfriend). What is wrong with people?!

  76. Donna says

    What a great idea, even for a group, to make and give to the local animal shelters…. I am going to go thru some of those sweaters, or sweatshirts, that I have way to many of (as soon as I recover from some surgery(ies) 2 in 5 months…ugh, but this would be something I could do while recuperating, and I am reposting also. I know the shelters around here (SC) would appreciate these beds as much as the animals will. And what a great idea for groups like scouts, church groups, young and old to do! Thanks again for posting this

  77. Anonymous says

    A really great idea . I will save this to see about making it later. Our two cats just sleep where they please and won’t use a bed. We have two but no one will use it. I knit a lot and have lots of sweaters. I am in Oshawa ,Ont. Canada

    • says

      Such a great idea.Tganjs for sharing.I have no idea,how I found this Blog, but I’m so glad I found it.Now, I’m not sure how to get back!Any suggestion, would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Using pillows is a great idea, but they have all been treated with flame retardant, so you have to be very diligent about monitoring the condition of the bed. These chemicals do horrible things to animals.

  78. Anonymous says

    This is an AWESOME idea!! Thanks for sharing.. I’m in eastern N.C. and feed over 35 cats inside and outside my home. We have about 10 inside as of now because of the litter of kittens that were left on my front porch on day very sick. I don’t let them go outside until they get fixed. So soon we will have 6 kitties going outside for the first time since coming to my house.. But the ones that stay inside sure will love new beds.. I have to make sure the beds are pretty easy and durable to wash because I do have one cat that likes to “christin” the beds at times. (mark them) and I don’t know who it is. But they enjoy them any ways. Thanks again. Kelly E.

  79. Anonymous says

    We just finished up christmas crafts and I was looking for something else to do! This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing from central oklahoma!! :)

  80. says

    Friends cat just had kittens today and they’re currently in a cardboard box. I’m gonna make one o these with extra layer to raise the sides. I think both mummy and kittens will love it.
    Great Idea xx

  81. Anonymous says

    that’s exactly what I was thinking, perfect for the poor kitties/doggies at the city shelter!! they’re only given 72 hours to live, wouldn’t it be nice if these poor souls had a warm/comfy bed to lay on?!

  82. says

    I volunteer at an animal shelter and I was going to make cat and dog blankets but now I think I will go to the salvation army or goodwill and see if they have any old sweaters that would make cute cat and dog beds. I think for larger dogs you could just get an double or triple X size sweater. My husband stopped wearing most of his sweaters when we moved to AZ and now we live in southern Texas and its to hot for sweaters here. I still have some from when I used to visit my daughter who was living in Colorado for a few years. I haven’t worn the sweaters for about ten years. I still don’t know why I kept them.

    • says

      I think that we keep things so a reason, even if we don’t know the reason at the time. Now you have a reason to use those sweaters. This is a great idea, I think I will make some for the local animal shelter — would be fun to be able to make one for each pet to take to their new home. Sometimes the local 2nd hand or thrift stores sell clothing for a #1 a brown paper bag. I have even had some in our area just donate the used clothing like coats and sweaters when I say they are going to the animal shelter.
      This is a great idea, fun for the animals and a good way to recyle. Would be easy to clean also.. thanks for sharing. — I am from SW North Dakota, we have lots of sweaters and sweatshirts here too 😉

    • Anonymous says

      Can these beds be easily thrown in the wash? My washer doesn’t handle pillows well, but it might do OK with these. Shelters have to be able to wash/disinfect everything so you may double check that they have a decent washer just to be sure. Ours just got a used commercial washer so it could probably handle several at once, but it may not be practical if only 2 or 3 can fit in a standard machine. I hope it works out though as they would be nice and snuggly for some lucky pets!

  83. Anonymous says

    I’m a dog sitter and can’t wait to pass this on to my dogs owners and I plan on making one for when my furry friends visit.

  84. says

    We need a new dog bed and I saw this and got so excited since it has back support! Then the person posting it pointed out it might not work for larger dogs.. deep sighs.. I have a small Great Dane! (135 lbs)
    Then I thought.. what if I take 2 really large or long (ya know the kind y wear leggings with) sweaters n attach them in the middle with the arms on the sides (can always make them a bit longer if need be). Any one have any thoughts? He has arthritis n having the back support is helpful.
    Either way, thanks for the great idea! I am always loking for inexpensive homemade gifts from the heart for my mom (1 cat) & sister (7 cats).

    • says

      I think that’s an absolutely fantastic idea! Go for it! I’d love to hear how you get on. I have neighbours with Great Danes, I wonder if they’d let me make one for them to try it out…. :)

    • says

      Go to the local thrift store and go to the big and tall section and get sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodie that are 4, 5, and 6X sizes make a big dog bed out of those, i have a great dane and i have her son as well that is 175 and the bigger the shirt the bigger the bed also the hoodies you can make a pillow or better back support fir big dogs!

    • says

      Great idea. Just connect the hems of the sweaters and arms and you will have a double-sized bed. You can also get some stuffing for cushions or cuddly toys to fill it with.

      Another great item to make into a cat or dog bed would be an old duvet.

    • catapurple says

      Could you buy a large round pet bed, usually have them at discount stores and the attach two long draft stoppers, the sausage ones especially if filled with sawdust, which would add more support maybe use 2 and sew one on top of the other!

    • Anonymous says

      my best source is either the Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift stores — go on Wednesday when they have clearance racks — you will be making all sizes of pet beds in no time !

    • Dawn R. ~From Texas says

      Special Consideration for a Great Dane: How about using a “Body Pillow” from discount store or recycle your old one? Cover with Corduroy/Canvas or recycled bathrobe fabric to make a nice bed pillow?? You May need Two “Body Pillows” though, right – for a 135 lbs dog??
      Suggestion for Big Dog Owners – my suggestion to adapt/adjust this for a big dog is to sew Two sweaters at the waist with a large rectangle shape pillow (i.e. standard or queen-sized pillow, etc., depending on size of sweaters/sweatshirts) in center instead of a squared/rounded one. stuff all four arms, both neck/chest areas as in instructions, and then sew the wrists together (two on top of pet pillow and two remaining wrists on other side) so it forms one big rectangle shape. Hope this helps your Big Dog get a pet pillow too!!

  85. says

    That is such a great idea! One my cats has a special affinity with a certain jumper of mine and I think would love it turned into a special bed for her!

    • Anonymous says

      What a wonderful idea! I love making something useful out of something headed for the trash. I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you, Betty Scott

    • says

      I love this idea! My brother passed away a few years ago and my niece still has a bunch of his sweaters. I decided to make her a blanket with most of them and now after seeing this, I may make a pet bed as well for her dog!

    • says

      A friend posted a link from Facebook to me, via Facebook! This IS such a fabulous use of a sweater! I re-purpose wool sweaters into hats, baby-pants, blankets, water-bottle-covers, bags, backpacks, yoga mat bags and OH .. , PiIlows! With 3 cats? I’ll soon be searching for ‘extra’ sweaters in the house!

    • Anonymous says

      I got this idea from fb. This is a very useful idea. We have a rescue for cat and dogs. This would be good for either one, even if you have a larger dog you could try to find a couple the same and join them together. You can also recycle old pillows for the stuffing. I plan on making several as we have several of both cats and dogs.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you for this idea. Found it on Facebook. Beside the bed I live the stair idea for my cats. From Wisconsin.

    • Anonymous says

      Great idea -my husband has just the right sweater for making a bed for our mini schnauzer! Love from Alabama :-)

    • Anonymous says

      Saw this and found an old sweatshirt with a cowboy kittie on it!!! Love it!!!! Think is would be great to make some for pet shelters also. I don’t even have to go out and by anything!!

    • Karla Morris says

      Great idea! Saw this on Marmalady Lemieux (The Tripod Kitten) FB page. It is seven a.m. in Missouri (small town near Kansas City) and the wind chill temp is currently minus seven degrees Fahrenheit (-21.667 Celsius) with blizzard like conditions. So, I’m thinking this would be a perfect day to do some sewing! Thank you and have a very happy new year! :-)

    • marianne says

      I am making several for the animal shelter. I get the sweaters and stuffing (old blankets) at the thriftstore I volunteer for. Thank you for this idea!
      Regards from Colorado.

    • says

      I have a ton of clothing left under my house by previous owner some years ago. I also have lots of kitties dropping by on my porch for meals, some strays some feral. Here’s a great marriage of excess! I will have to start a sewing circle, though – I’m all thumbs.

    • Anonymous says

      I love this idea and will be making 4 I have 3 cats and 1 dog so every one will get a bed
      thanks di from Spain

    • Anonymous says

      Will be making one for my puppy I am receiving for Christmas….such an awesome idea… Thanks for sharing! (Brownwood, Texas is home).

    • Anonymous says

      What a wonderful idea! I LOVE the idea of repurposing and I too, hate to throw anything away that might be used. I’m going to bring this idea to my church group to see if the ladies might like to make a few of these for our Christmas fair next year. We have the advantage of having a thrift store associated with our church so we will have an endless supply of sweaters and sweatshirts available to us, in case we run out of yucky ones ourselves. I am in Woodbury, CT. Thanks for the post. LOVE it!

    • Anonymous says

      Also saw the post on facebook in central Florida, I was thinking of a 3x sweat shirt for our dog, who likes her comforts

    • says

      Awesome idea! I have a wee bit of a cashmere addiction & currently have about 60 sweaters, 98% of them from the local Saver’s Thrift Store. There’s several I’ve decided I don’t much care for for one reason or another or that I no longer like how they fit. I’m also a seamstress by trade w/ 1/2 a dozen cats, soooo cashmere cat beds here I come!! — Jeanne from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA.

    • says

      Great idea and I’m going to try it right away. The one we bought for our dog was fairly expensive and is getting really flat already. Plus she shares it with one of our cats so it gets used quite a bit. I will have to do a quick look-see at your other ideas. Thanks for sharing. Stacie from Kansas

    • Cécily says

      I am going straight away to get the sweaters I never wear but can’t bear to part with!!
      My 14 year old cat Nelson will love a cosy new basket as Mimi my Fox Terrier is slowly chewing through his wicker one!!! He can have one upstairs and one downstairs!! I am in France.

    • Anonymous says

      Awe, how cute , my Sister would have just loved that for her cat —– I use to get the small cat or dog pet bed , and line it with paper towel , and my bird loved it , he always knew where to go , and he’d poop there on the papertowel , finally I noticed each time he pooped I’d change the paper towel , and that bird thought it’s time to go to that place , and poop —– Think I’ll make one , from an old sweater , and see if my new bird will like it ——— Fantastio idea ————

    • Cindy says

      What a clever idea! I know I have some old worn sweaters that I’ll have to recycle for our dachshund who would love it, especially if he could smell us on it! Greetings from cold Colorado!

    • Anonymous says

      I loved your idea. I have two cats and I have some sweatshirts I will use to make them a bed. Thanks for the information…Love it!

    • Anonymous says

      Great idea! I have 2 cats and 3 small dogs. This will be perfect for all of them. I’m from Central Canada in Saskatchewan.

    • says

      I’ve seen this idea on facebook before, too, but I love having an actual, real life review of the process and end product. I can sew a bit, but don’t have a sewing machine, so I’m always looking for easy projects like this for either myself or my furbabies. I have some old sweaters/shirts that I don’t wear so I think my babies will be getting new beds soon :) Thank you for the post!

    • Janet Coppens says

      I have 3 kitties and 1 little dog…great idea for ALL of them!! I love the idea and am going to try my handiwork one of these next days and see what I can create. Your kitty, Izzy, is absolutely beautiful!!

    • says

      I am going to try and see if my cat will use this bed so I can have my bed back. I am gonna try and make some with old dresses for the dogs. I am from Arkansas, USA.

    • says

      I can’t waif to start on this ! I have three cats and my daughter has a pup! I wish I’d seen this sooner I would of had them made way before now especially with the cold weather we have been having!! So thankful for the posting . And the church group making them to help sell at charity . Also the women making for shelter god bless your heart!


  1. […] Using an old sweater or even going out to buy a nice new one is such a good way to make a bed for your pet! This would make a really great gift too. We all have at least one family member or friend who is totally in love with their pets and would equally love a gift like this. The only problem I can see is… how to accommodate a VERY large dog. Here’s the link to a great tutorial on how to make one of these… link […]

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