Fruit Drop Travel Sweets
Making your own sweets is remarkably easy, once you get the hang of it. Colour and flavour these treats with your favourite flavourings, or just leave them plain.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
300grams 5minutes 10minutes 15minutes
  1. Get all the equipment you need ready first. Lightly oil your marble slab (or a large baking tray), your scissors and a dough scraper. Place the lid for your pot nearby. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Place a bowl of icing sugar on your work surface beside the marble slab and a plate or silicone mat to place the finished sweets onto.
  2. Heat the granulated sugar, water and liquid glucose in a small saucepan over a medium-high heat (I use #4 on my hob), stirring with a wooden spoon until the sugar has dissolved.
  3. As soon as it begins to boil (it will happen quickly), add the cream of tartar, stir until it dissolves, pop the lid on the pot and switch the 3-minute timer on. Don’t touch the pot!
  4. After the 3 minutes is up, remove the lid and check the temperature every 30 seconds or so. DO NOT STIR THE SUGAR or your sweets will crystalize.
  5. When the temperature has reached 150 C, switch the heat off, add your colouring and flavouring, if using, stir (and wait a moment while the bubbles subside).
  6. Carefully pour the hot sugar mixture over the marble slab, using the oiled dough scraper if it looks like it’s getting too close to the edge.
  7. Leave to cool for a minute or so until it’s cool enough to handle (don’t leave it too long as it hardens quickly). Using your oiled scissors and oiled hands, work quickly and cut off small pieces of the sugar mixture, roll into a ball and place in the icing sugar.
  8. Leave the sweets to cool completely and store in an airtight container.
  9. Repeat two more times with the remaining colours and flavours.

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