DIY Masquerade Masks

DIY Maskquerade mask

I am a hoarder of little things. Bits of ribbon on boxes of chocolates, uncrumpled pieces of gift wrap, buttons, sequins, oh just about anything that could possibly be upcycled into something else instead of getting chucked in the bin. I have a writing bureau with ten drawers, each filled with themed scraps: there’s the Things That Stick Things Together drawer (tapes, glues, paper clips, etc), the Ribbon and Stray Decorating Bits drawer, the Paper Drawer, the Pen & Pencils drawer; I’m sure you get it.

Last weekend DD and I got creative with some of these scrap bits and we made a set of masquerade masks for dressing up play. Well, if I’m being honest they were going to be used for a tutu review – we had the idea that we could do a good fairy/naughty fairy video story, but we ended up scrapping that idea and went with a skater chick rock video instead. You have to see it – we’re so very proud of it!

So, the masks… this is what we did:

DIY Masquerade Masks
DIY masquerade masks made from recycled materials.
DIY Masquerade Masks
DIY masquerade masks made from recycled materials.
Prep Time
Prep Time
  1. Assemble your materials.
  2. On a piece of plain paper measure out a rectangle the size you want the mask to be. The short edges will be somewhere between the front of your ears and your eye edge. The height will be from below your eyebrows to just above your eye socket bone.
  3. Cut out rectangle.
  4. Fold in half. The fold will be at the centre of your nose.
  5. Draw your mask template, including the eye holes. Make sure the eye edge starts at the level of the nose bridge area.
  6. Cut it out and try the mask template on for size. Adjust the eye holes if need be. You may need to cut out a few templates to get it the right fit. This is why we're using plain paper :)
  7. Trace your template onto your coloured paper. We used a soft, thick textured cream coloured paper. Carefully cut out.
  8. Trace paper template onto thin cardboard. This will be the back of your mask so you want it flexible, yet strong. If using traditional brown cardboard (this is my Tefal Optigrill packaging!) make sure the lines are vertical.
  9. Cut out and bend along the cardboard grooves. This will give the mask a nice shape.
  10. Using double sided tape fasten the cardboard back to the coloured paper front. Leave the side edges free as this is where you will tie the ribbon to wear your mask.
  11. Using a bradawl or knitting needle punch a hole in either side of the mask.
  12. All ready for decorating!
  13. Using double sided sticky tape fasten a ribbon edging around the outside of the mask. This will hide the cardboard edges. Leave a gap for adding the fastening ribbons.
  14. Thread some thin ribbon through a needle with a large eye and attach the ribbon through the holes on the mask edges.
  15. Decorate as desired! Using glue fasten sequins to the front.

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  1. dragonfly63 says

    Love the simple instructions.. There is a category for home made masks at the WI craft fair and I will try making this to enter this year


    So glad I’m not the only one who saves bits & bobs! I always think ahead: already planning homemade Christmas prezzies & cards!

  3. Julia Plant says

    These are lovely. I might try this – my daughters love wearing masks and glasses, so I think this activity would go down a treat!

    • says

      Thanks :) I thought they would make nice birthday favours for a children’s party. They could be made blank, in advance, and then the children could decorate them themselves and take their own masks home!

  4. says

    These are really lovely! Your instructions are so clear and easy to understand and your post looks so professional! I think that I will add your idea to my summer holiday fun list that I’m making to keep me and Faith busy over the summer. Thanks so much for linking to #ThemedFamilyFun xx
    Denise (mum on a mission for a better life) recently posted…Chloe’s 15thMy Profile

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