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In the New Year of 2012 the lovely Kate over at Turquoise Lemons made a New Year’s resolution to not waste so much food.

Inspired by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign Kate launched the No Waste Food Challenge in a bid to encourage others to do the same. She asked fellow food bloggers to share the ways they’ve avoided throwing out those wilted carrots, that cream slightly past it’s best before date or the bits of things long forgotten in the back of the fridge or cupboard.

The challenge has run quite successfully over the last two years, and last year I began co-hosting it with Kate. This year, however, Kate has personal commitments taking up much of her time, so she’s handed the No Waste Food Challenge baton over to me.

I have made a few changes to the challenge. First, I am keeping the theme open – each month you are free to share any recipe which uses up any ingredients which otherwise might have gone to waste. Tell us how you salvaged that stale bread, those spotty mushy brown bananas, etc! I’ve also set up a Pinterest board, which all entries will be added to.

I am looking for guest bloggers to host the challenge for the rest of the year – if you would like to host the No Waste Food Challenge just let me know and I’ll add your details below. First come first serve! Hosts can be added to the Pinterest Board – just request access from me.

Guest Hosts for 2014:

January – Elizabeth at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary @TangoRaindrop
February – Fiona at London Unattached @fionamaclean
March – Chris at Cooking Around the World @ChrisCH2011
April – Ness at JibberJabberUK @jibberjabberuk
May – Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen @FarmersgirlCook
June – Michelle at Utterly Scrummy @utterlyscrummy
July – Anne at Anne’s Kitchen @anneskitchen
August – Laura at I’d Much Rather Bake Than… @MustBakeCakes
September – Chef Mireille at Chef Mireille’s East West Realm
October – Vohn at Vohn’s Vittles @vohnmcg
November – Manjirichitnis at Sliceoffme @manjirichitnis
December – Anne at Anne’s Kitchen  

Challenge Conditions:

1. Please link up your url using the linky at the bottom of each month’s challenge post.
2. Feel free to republish old posts just make sure you add a link to the current challenge and add the challenge badge (the blue badge at the top of this post).
3. Make sure you link up before the end of the month!
4. Posts will be added to the No Waste Food Challenge Pinterest Board to help spread the food waste prevention love!
5. Please make sure your post includes a link back to this blog post and the relevant month’s host.
6. Tweet @TangoRaindrop and the relevant month’s host with the tag #NoWasteFoodChallenge and we will retweet all that we see.


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    Hello Elizabeth, I have followed that campaign closely and my aai (mum) always was pretty militant about not wasting food and using leftovers creatively in her kitchen, I have just linked up for January with an aptly titled recipe I had created from leftovers hiding in my fridge! I would love to host this challenge for later in the year ,do let me know – email is

  2. says

    Using up food is now a way of life, a challenge rather than a nuisance. I used to just throw stuff in the bin because I didn’t have the time to cook in the way that it could be used up. Now I enjoy making the time to make sure it’s used up. Consequently I’m so glad you’re keeping this challenge going – I enjoy reading about what other people’s ideas.

  3. says

    Have meant to join in with this challenge so many times! Now that the theme is open, and it’s just generally using up things that would otherwise go to waste I really have no excuses. If you’re struggling for hosts, I’m also happy to take a turn later in the year. Cheers!

    • says

      That’s what I thought, Ruth, I wanted to make things easier for people (and myself – it’s not always easy coming up with a new theme each month!). I do hope you get a chance to link up. If you fancy hosting, just let me know which month you might like. :) Thank you!

  4. says

    Oh, I was much more inventive in the past. Anyway, I really hate wasting food. Everything gets used up. Now I wish to give some leftovers a second life. I guess, you will have the list of guest hosts filled in no time.


  1. […] the chocolate was left over from baking brownies the other day, I’m submitting this to the No Waste Food Challenge that I’m hosting on behalf of Elizabeth this month. If you’ve got a leftovers recipe, […]

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