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Food bloggers have been very creative with their locally sourced ingredients throughout the month of October. This #ShopLocal challenge has had 19 superb entries from all over the world! Recipes come from America, India, Italy and throughout Scotland and England. I do hope you are tempted by some of these culinary delights! If you too would like to share one of your recipes using a local ingredient scroll down to the bottom, read all about the challenge and link up your recipes!

A massive thank you to everyone who linked up last month and I look forward to seeing what fantastic recipes you will be making this month!

Choclette over at Chocolate Log Blog kicks things off this month with her own chocolate-infused vegetarian take on her grandmother’s shepherd pie recipe. All the vegetables came from her own garden and the organic milk is from a farm local to her in Cornwall. This sounds like the perfect winter comfort food for these dark, cold windy nights!

Janet at The Taste Space uses a delicacy local to her in Houston, Texas in her dish citrus collards and chickpeas. She writes, “Collards are local to the Southern United States, especially during the fall, and are best during the winter.” She jazzes things up a bit using garlic, dates and orange juice and includes chickpeas to make it a full flavoursome meal.

Scottish Vohn from Vohn’s Vittles combines the last of her gorgeous courgettes from her very own garden and fresh mint grown in her windowsill with some locally purchased onions to make this delicious looking low calorie courgette and mint soup. This sounds like a quick and fantastic way to use up the last of a glut of courgettes.

Jacqueline over at Tinned Tomatoes shares another delicious low calorie soup recipe this month: her 5:2 Diet – Carrot, Leek and Mustard Seed Soup made using local carrots and leeks. Jacqueline is a vegetarian food blogger in Scotland and her blog is full of fantastic recipes and photos. Do check it out!

Alida over at My Little Italian Kitchen is an Italian living in England with a passion for cooking recipes her mother would cook for her as a child. She shares this fiery Pollo alla diavola (devil’s chicken) recipe made using a chicken from her local Farmer’s Market in Kent. Seasoned with rosemary, lemon and cayenne pepper this dish is sure to impress!
Jen over at Blue Kitchen Bakes uses up some of her organic carrots from her Riverford veg box and a home made blend of spice to make this delicious, thick and hearty winter warming spiced carrot and red lentil soup. I’m a big fan of cumin and coriander, both of which are included in her own blend of spice she uses.

Ros over at The More Than Occasional Baker made this gorgeous apple cinnamon crumble cake using apples from her work colleague’s own garden, thereby keeping the food miles to a minimum. This cake is made with wholemeal flour, oats, cinnamon and apples so it could almost be considered good for you! A warm slice of this would be perfect on these colder Autumn evenings.

We have a very interesting entry here from Anneli over at Deliceux in SW France with  her Veal Sweetbreads with French Style Peas & Baby Gem Lettuces! Sweetbreads are a palatable term for the thymus gland or pancreas but Anneli says not to be daunted by their origins and that this delicacy is well worth the effort. She insists you won’t be disappointed with this generous starter dish.

Scotland produces a wealth of different honey. Each location has a different range of flowers and therefore the flavour of the honey will differ from region to region. Janice over at Farmersgirl Kitchen has used Scottish Blossom Honey from Dumfries in a baked beetroot with local honey and thyme dish made using locally grown beetroot a neighbour gave her from his own garden! Look at the colour! Divine!

Louisa over at Eat Your Veg has children who are in a soup phase. They’re mad for it just now and to satisfy their soup craving she’s made them a gorgeous roasted roots soup. This creamy soup is made from locally grown produce from Leominster, England, which she gets delivered in a vegetable box. Roasting really brings out the flavour of root vegetables and this soup is sure to hit the spot during this cold Autumnal weather!

Sarah over at Dinner with Crayons uses up those sad and neglected vegetables at the bottom of her fridge in this quick and simple fridge bottom soup. Admit it, we all have veg like that at the bottom of our own refrigerators! The carrots for this soup were purchased at her local shop in Walthamstow, England.

Shaheen over at Allotment 2 Kitchen was given some pears and spinach from her parents garden which she used to make this delicious looking apple-pear, spinach and Brie pizza. It went down a treat with her family and was a nice change from the more traditional tomato-sauced based pizza. Shaheen writes, “Its sweet and savoury. The sweetness comes from the honey and pears, and the savoury undertones from the garlic and Brie cheese, a little sharpness and crunch from the apples and walnuts. ” Sounds delicious!

Cauliflower is the dieter’s friend, so says Karen over at Lavendar and Lovage. With a mere 32-35 calories per portion this cauliflower mash is a wonderful healthier alternative to the carbohydrate and calorie-laden traditional mashed potato. Karen used some locally grown cauliflower purchased from her farm shop in Yorkshire, England for her delicious faux mashed potatoes.
Karen also combines some lovely traditional MacSweens Scottish haggis with a hot baked potato in this perfect Autumnal lunch idea from the MacSweens Haggis Bible. I’m a big fan of haggis, myself, and I think this lunch sounds very tempting indeed!
My own entry for this month’s Shop Local challenge is a piccalilli pickle from my Canadian childhood: Cape Breton Chow Chow. I was able to make this preserve this month because my lovely vegetable box suppliers included some green tomatoes in their delivery.
Sustainable Mum, a lovely blog by a home-educating mother of two living as environmentally friendly as they can has shared four fabulous recipes using vegetables from her organic vegetable box, a courgette from her own garden and cheese from her local Farmer’s Market. Pop on over to her blog to see the recipes for her spicy carrot soup, broccoli and Stilton soup, swede soup and courgette and Brie soup.
Alexandra over at The Lass in the Apron used some of the locally produced ingredients (butter, milk and eggs) she picked up at a Farmer’s Market in Bucks, Pennsylvania to make these Quaker Bonnet Biscuits, a recipe traditional to the area she lives in Bucks County. These yeasted biscuits, described in 1915 as being ‘quaint-looking’ sound like a perfect biscuit to accompany a cup of afternoon tea.
Gayathri over at Spices Galore uses the abundant fresh-from-the-garden butternut squash from her home in India in a fabulously spiced Butternut Squash Pav Bhaji. Her vivid description of her home with its’ street stalls, fabulous colours and grand foodie experiences tempts me to go and visit the area!
To round things up we have a gorgeous and very morish looking simple apple cake by the lovely Dom over at Belleau Kitchen. Dom has used apples he picked up at his local supermarket which were grown in his very own county of Lincolnshire! It’s lovely to hear a big name supermarket selling locally sourced produce. Dom is a big fan of shopping local and I’m sure you will agree – this cake looks fantastic! Look at those lovely thick slabs of English apple!


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    just added an entry here for the first time, even though I use local produce often – shopping at farmer’s market and local U-Pick farms. I live in Brooklyn, NY and will now be adding my posts sourced locally here = great event!

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      Thanks Choclette! It’s wonderful how creative people can get with local produce. I love it! As for the sqiggle – I saw a similar page break on another blog round up and I really liked the idea.


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